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Delivering Excellence in Container Logistics

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core values

  • We provide quality and innovative container shipping solutions.
  • We meet every transport challenge with authentic and transparent solutions.
  • We provide a safe work environment devoted to respect and compassion.
  • We put our client's first to provide excellence in every aspect of transport.

A better b2b shipping experience

Container Transport offers all business container shipping solutions. Transport your valuable business assets locally, nationwide, or even overseas. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of ensuring every detail is done correctly. We treat your container move as if it were our own.

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated 24/7 customer support with one of our 120+ logistics agents ensures your business moves seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Customs Clearance

Our B2B freight shipping services include expert customs clearance, ensuring your shipments arrive smoothly and without delay.

Credit line

We offer a credit line with monthly billing statements for easy and stress-free container transport.


Container Transport is a sub-division of Nationwide Transport Services, a business launched in 2009 with over a dozen sub-divisions, acquired companies, and brands. Container Transport is run out of Jacksonville, FL, at 233 East Bay St. #1120 Jacksonville, FL 32202 - a location closest to the Jacksonville port for easy access, and exporting proximity for reasons other than services our clients at one of the most popular ports transporting containers and alike. 

The Container Transport division was founded to pair our clients with the best and most experienced container transport specialists our company offers. We are logistics agents who specialize in the transport of large items and general logistics. Over the past years, we've become one of the most used container moving companies for clients moving home goods in containers, products, and general containers within the US / domestically. We have perfected the process of streamlining business productions of large businesses moving high volumes of containers while also helping small businesses and first-time container transport needs around the country and between our 50 states. We want to make sure with a targeted division that NTS has a well-prepared and dedicated team to container transport services to make for the most effective container moving experience whether you're a first-time container mover or an established business looking to move multiple containers or fulfill your distribution of goods. Although founded in 2009, starting in 2016, we've then started moving international loads. 

Our team in Jacksonville, as well as our team across offices in Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Pierce, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Florence, KY, operates a fleet of carriers and vendors nationwide and internationally and will have no problem service you at your containers place of origin and destination. Each of our branches has an open-door policy - meaning you can come in and meet any of our employees anytime the office is open.

Our Vision / Our Mission

Container Transport provides innovative and trustworthy container shipping solutions for all. We combine hard work, dedication, and transparency to provide everything you need for a supepior container move.

Value Proposition

Increased quality, transparent rates, up-front costs, and top
safety standards. Container Transport does not take shortcuts when vetting our drivers, vendors, and employees.