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Shipping Container Movers in Reno, Nevada

Container Transport is a top shipping container transport company in Reno, Nevada. We safely transport all types, sizes, and numbers of containers. Get a free estimate now!

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Convenient Container Transport Services in Reno, Nevada

Container Transport is a professional shipping container transport company offering container moving services to and from Reno, Nevada. Containers have become a big part of our lives and are often moved from one location to another, which is where our services come in. We have over 13 years of experience transporting containers to and from Reno, Nevada. Whether your container is loaded, empty, used, or new, we will ensure it gets where you want it safely and on time. We have modern state-of-the-art trailers such as flatbeds, hotshots, step decks, lowboys, and RGNs to help you transport single and multiple containers safely. Booking our services is easy and can be done through emailing, calling, or filling out our short form.

Transporting a container on a Trailer.

40ft Container on a trailer for transport.

Fully Insured and Safe Container Shipping Services in Reno, Nevada

When you make a booking for your container transport, the last thing you want is to stress that it won’t be delivered safely. Despite efforts to take good care of a shipping container during transport, accidents sometimes happen. Therefore, to protect a shipping container for transport, our company ensures it’s fully insured against all damage before it’s dispatched. Suppose anything were to happen while under our care, you’re guaranteed total compensation.  Container Transport is committed to ensuring every load is delivered safely, and we do everything we can to ensure that happens. If you don’t have loading equipment, don’t hesitate to let us know. We offer loading and unloading assistance at an extra cost. Get a free estimate today!

Import and Export Container Moving Services

Whether you’re importing a container with goods for your business or exporting an empty one, we’re here to help. Container Transport has over a decade of experience in import and export container transport services. We’re here to ensure your container is transported smoothly and your items arrive in good condition. Whether you’re importing or exporting single or multiple containers, we’re here to get the job done. Call us for a free quote.

We Transport Containers Loaded With Household Goods and Furniture To and From Reno, Nevada 

Shipping containers are becoming a new way to move personal items and furniture. They’re convenient and reliable, especially when moving for long distances. After loading your valuables, you don’t have to worry about driving across the country compared to using a truck. Our team will be present at the pick-up location, load your container on a trailer, and head to the delivery location. Protect any delicate items that might break when loading your items in the container. For example, you can wrap around glasses with clothing and put them in a box before loading them in a container. That will help absorb the shock during the process of moving. Contact us today to make arrangements to transport your household goods. 

container types we transport

What’s the Cost of Moving a Container in Reno, Nevada

The cost of transporting a shipping container to or from Reno, Nevada, is between $2.95 and $3.10 per mile. That cost goes up and down depending on the weight, dimensions, number of miles, and economy. For example, fuel costs affect the cost of transport. The high cost of fuel automatically affects all forms of transport, increasing them together. Container Transport ensures you get competitive rates for transport regardless of the time of your booking. Get a free estimate today. 

Shipping a container on a trailer.
State to StateDistanceTrailer Cost
Reno, Nevada to Charlotte, North Carolina2,544.0 mi$7,886.40
Reno, Nevada to Cleaveland, Ohio2,247.8 mi$6,968.18
Reno, Nevada to Houston, Texas1,908.0 mi$5,914.80
Miami, Florida to Reno, Nevada2,961.0 mi$9,179.10
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Reno, Nevada2,655.0 mi$8,230.50

Note: The above container moving costs are only estimates and might be higher or lower upon booking. They depend on location, loading/unloading needs, weight, size, etc. Call us to get an accurate price.

A better b2b shipping experience

Container Transport offers all business container shipping solutions. Transport your valuable business assets locally, nationwide, or even overseas. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of ensuring every detail is done correctly. We treat your container move as if it were our own.

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated 24/7 customer support with one of our 120+ logistics agents ensures your business moves seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Customs Clearance

Our B2B freight shipping services include expert customs clearance, ensuring your shipments arrive smoothly and without delay.

Credit line

We offer a credit line with monthly billing statements for easy and stress-free container transport.

We offer container transport services to and from every county in Reno, Nevada, including:

  • Lyon
  • Storey
  • McCarran Airport

When transporting shipping containers or any other load, it’s important to know the best routes to reach the customers on time. Among the highways we use in Reno, Nevada, are I-80, US 395, Nevada State Route 431 (Mt. Rose Highway), Nevada State Route 659 (McCarran Boulevard), Nevada State Route 667 (Kietzke Lane), and I-580.

We offer container-moving services to and from the nearest ports and airports to Reno, Nevada, including:

  • Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO)
  • Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)

Frequently aSKED questions

To get a quote for moving containers, you can call Container Transport or visit our website. Click the get quote tab, usually at the bottom of the home or about us page. Sometimes, the tab is on the menu section. Give details of what you want to ship, in this case, a container. Next, you need to give information on the final destination of your container. Before you get the quote or estimate, submit your personal information, including your name, phone number, and email, to receive your free quotation for moving containers.
Moving containers requires the best trailers that can handle heavy or wide loads. The choice of a suitable trailer depends on the container size, 20 feet or 40 feet, and weight. Our container transport company has numerous types of trailers that handle oversized, heavy, or wide containers. Our logistic agents can recommend lightweight and high-strength chassis trailers because of their outstanding maneuverability, flexibility, and ability to carry 20-foot, 40-foot, and extended containers. We also use flatbed trailers that have adequate strength for container hauling. Another trailer option to hire is the Gooseneck, which can carry light to heavy containers.
Loading a container on a trailer or truck requires specialized equipment or tools. Shipping container movers first ensure the container is in perfect condition, free from damages, holes, or issues that can damage the things inside. Next, the shipping specialists moving the containers ensure the trailer is parked in the best position for proper loading. It should have all the required tie-downs to hold the container securely for safe transportation. Our container transport company uses cargo lifters, such as top pickers, driverless AGVs, forklifts, and cranes, to lift the cargo and properly position it in the trailer for securing and transportation.
Yes, permits are a vital requirement when shipping a container locally or internationally. Some local, state, international, and federal guidelines, regulations, and laws require you to have permits based on the type of goods you are transporting and the final destination of your cargo. As a renowned legitimate transportation company, we navigate the shipping industry and regulations to ensure our clients get all the necessary permits to ship their containers safely without legal issues.
Yes, we have cranes that help us load and offload your container from trailers and other means of transportation. The numerous cranes for loading and unloading include crawler, tower, overhead, floating, and gantry cranes with different applications. Tower cranes are state-of-the-art equipment that can lift containers to and from trailers during intermodal shipping. Overhead cranes help in lifting heavy containers in our shipyards.